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Sentimental Girl

Guess You Feel It Too

Turn My World

Sweetest Sound

Save My Soul

Must Be You


One (by Harry Nilsson)

Carry You


Could Be Real

Darlin Be Home Soon

Wish You Were Here




Heart Needs Something New (Patty Mattson)

My Heart Needs Something New

How To Say Goodbye

Used To Be's

Walking By

Barely Breathing

The Girl on the Beach

The Way It Has To Be

Better Off As Friends (Marc)

Boys Of Summer

Who Will I Be (Marc)

Whole World's Watching (Oil Spill)


The Revolution Starts Right Here

Hard To Take

Blister In the Sun

Tomorrow is a Long Time

Let Her Dance

I Fought The Law

We Don't Get Along

Nothing Looks The Same (Marc's Version)

Pink Moon

Stars In Your Eyes

Barely Got My Feet On The Ground (Rockabilly)

Barely Got My Feet On The Ground (LIVE)

Money Don't Make a Man (LIVE)

Regular Guy(LIVE)

Where Did The Magic Go(LIVE)

I Don't Want To Be That Guy(LIVE)

Save Us From Ourselves(LIVE)

Lonely Town(LIVE)

Whole World's Watching (LIVE)


Where Life Takes Us(LIVE)


American Dream(LIVE)

I Can't Hide(LIVE)

Hard To Take(LIVE)

You Belong To Me(LIVE)

Sunny Afternoon(LIVE)

Tuesday Afternoon

Jaw Breaker

LBJ Killed JFK

Living an American Dream

Miss Isolation (samantha Ahdoot)

You And I (samantha Ahdoot)

Sun And Moon (Samantha Ahdoot)

September Gurls


I'm In Love With A Girl

Warmth Of The Sun

Waiting For My Man

SHapes of Things

Every Night


Sunny Afternoon

Can We Still Be Friends

It's Only Love

Mother Nature's Son

The Things We Said Today

The Life I Wanna Live

I Don't Want To Be That Guy

She's Leaving Home

Gonna Set U Free

Whole World (Haiti)

Can't Stop The Rain

Money Don't Make a Man

Where Life Takes Us

Over My Head (Deanna Pino Version)

Over My Head (Jef Scott Version)

You and I

Let Faith Go

Gonna Be Okay

Our Day

So Far Gone

I Can't Hide (Groovies)

Big Boyz

Alone Again Or (MaClean)

For Amanda

Let Those White House Party Crashers Go

Regular Guy

Pictures of Me

Save Us From Ourselves

All Apologies

My Love Is Dead

Barely Got My Feet On The Ground

The Great Unknown

Mission Sideways


This Lonely Town

Things I Love About You

Where Did The Magic Go

The Whole World's Watching


If I Had A Kid


I Really Like It

Highway of Love

Crash Unknown

Empty Dreams


Since You've Been Gone

The Real Me

What a Life

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

On California Time

The Future Is You

Oh I Fell



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